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Explore the different program tracks available at Time Wellness Tennessee’ programs in Tennessee & Atlanta.

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The Time Wellness Difference in Treatment

Why We Offer Speciality Tracks

Evidence-based approaches to mental health treatment at Time Wellness.

No two people are the same, so why provide the same treatment plan? We believe that there’s no one size fits all treatment plan. We ensure an individually-tailored plan so we can drive towards  better outcomes for our clients and families alike. This is why we have different tracks, different modalities, and different therapy options.

Our Signature Programs

Our Speciality Program Tracks

Mood Disorder Track

At Time Wellness, we offer a speciality program track for mood disorders separate from our traditional program

Thought Disorder Track

We offer a unique approach when treating thought disorders and understand the specifics needs of those clients.

Trauma Disorder Track

Learn why our trauma-focused treatment track are your best choice for long-term success & healing.

Find Balance Through Healing

Mood Disorders

Major depressive and bipolar disorder are mood disorders that cause significant and debilitating mood swings that are chronic and difficult to manage. While many people who are affected by mood disorders believe stability is hopeless, the reality is that these conditions are very treatable. Many people have found that evidence-based  mood disorder treatment programs like the ones at Time Wellness have helped them regain emotional balance, allowing them to enjoy life and thrive. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with a mood disorder, you can achieve emotional stability and start leading a balanced life with the help of focused therapy services and medication management provided by a team of highly-qualified mental health professionals like the team at Time Wellness. Our immersive and innovative mood disorder treatment programs provide a path for those with mood disorders to take control of their own happiness.

High-Quality, Personalized Care

Thought Disorders

Though disorders are among the most debilitating and disruptive of all mental health conditions. Hallucinations and delusions plague men and women who develop them, often clouding their senses and distorting their thoughts and behaviors. In most cases, if no action is taken these problems will render normal functioning impossible. Time Wellness Tennessee’ therapeutic approach for mental health issues is thorough, comprehensive, and meticulously planned by a team of highly-qualified clinicians. We have assisted many people with thought disorders in regaining their independence with our thought disorder programs.

Our facilities in Tennessee and Atalanta provide those experiencing thought disorders with individualized, evidence-based treatment plans. World-class mental health experts supervise and administer these therapeutic modalities and do so with compassion and dedication. Contact us today to learn more about our thought disorder treatment programs and how we can help you find balance and freedom from your own thoughts todays.

Trauma-Informed Treatment

Trauma Disorders

Time Wellness Tennessee believes that most mental health conditions are rooted in trauma. Because of this, we offer a trauma-informed program that utilizes CBT & DBT group therapy, alongside EMDR,  individual therapy, medication management and alternative therapies in order to treat the trauma identified as the root of their mental illness. Find out how our trauma track can help you find total mental and physical healing from mental health issues.

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