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At Time Wellness Tennessee, we believe in creating a relaxing and inviting environment conducive to mental health treatment. Tour our high-quality treatment facilities today.

group session at our mental health treatment program in Chattanooga
Time Wellness Tennessee

Mental Health Treatment Facilities

We offer the latest evidence-based therapy and clinically researched medicinal practices at our mental health treatment programs in Taft and Chattanooga, TN.

At Time Wellness Tennessee, we understand that our clients need a healthy place to heal. Our treatment facilities offer a unique and relaxing environment for our clients to learn how to cope with their mental health symptoms.

Taft, Tennessee

Residential Facility

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Outpatient Facility

What our clients say…

Here at Time Wellness Tennessee, we offer a 360 clinical approach during our mental health treatment programs in Taft and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • Katherine D.

    “Great Staff & Great place to send your loved one. Would highly recommend giving them a call if you or someone you know is struggling!”

  • A.S.

    “Love the staff and surrounding area. So peaceful. Thanks for the love helping me through a tough time.”

  • Richard W.

    “Time wellness center has the best treatment bar none. They want you to have the best possible outcome from treatment. The physicians and therapists are amazing! Thank you Time wellness for everything!”

  • Kevin O.

    “From the CEO down through every member of this staff, you will simply not find a more competent and empathetic solution to your mental health needs. This right here, is what the world needs more of. Thank You Time Wellness for everything you do!”

  • Andrew W.

    “Treatment options in Tennessee just got a ton brighter with the opening of Time Wellness Tennessee! Can’t wait to continue working alongside Time Wellness Tennessee to help the community and our surrounding areas! Thank you for your commitment to serve those in need.”

  • Rebecca M.

    “Initially reaching out I spoke with Chloe and she made the process very easy for me. She really took the time to explain the process and genuinely wanted to help me. As far as my time at the facility I loved all the staff at Time Wellness. They treated me with dignity and respect.”

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