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Searching for reliable health insurance can be straightforward. At Time Wellness Tennessee, we’ve teamed up with Magellan Health to bring you options that are easy to understand and cater directly to your needs. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help you with the right plan.

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Discover Comprehensive Coverage With Magellan Health

You deserve peace of mind about your health and well-being

Magellan Health Insurance is here to support you through different stages of healthcare needs. Whether you need intensive support or just occasional guidance, we’ve got a plan for you. Be sure to check your health insurance policy and see if it covers the following programs offered by Time Wellness Tennessee:

  • Residential inpatient: For those who require round-the-clock care in a structured environment to focus fully on recovery.
  • Partial hospitalization: Ideal if you need consistent medical oversight but can spend nights at home. It’s a step down from full inpatient care.
  • Intensive outpatient: Offers robust support without staying at the facility. Perfect for integrating treatment with daily life.
  • Outpatient: Flexible treatment sessions that fit into your regular schedule, helping you maintain your everyday responsibilities.
  • Supportive housing: Provides a stable living environment that follows the best practices for recovery with ongoing support, crucial for long-term success in recovery.

Ready to Feel Secure? Let’s Get Started!

Choosing the right insurance doesn’t have to be hard. With Magellan Health at Time Wellness Tennessee, you’re choosing a partner who understands your need for straightforward, reliable health coverage. We’re here to make sure you get exactly what you need without any fuss. Don’t leave your health to chance. Contact us now, and let’s ensure you’re covered from every angle.

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