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Learn more about Time Wellness Tennessee’s supportive housing options in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and discover why we are your best choice for transitional living in TN.

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Structured Mental Health Housing

Transitional Living & Supportive Housing in Chattanooga, TN

Finding a safe and stable home can be difficult for someone with a mental health condition. Without this basic need, those struggling may find themselves in and out of shelters, hospitals, jails, and outright homeless.

Living with untreated mental health disorders can be debilitating. Mental health issues can lead to addiction and chronic physical health problems, especially without a safe, supportive home environment. 

Time Wellness Tennessee offers supportive housing in Chattanooga.

What is Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing for mental health is a form of group housing that provides a safe space to live while receiving treatment for mental health conditions.

Supportive housing is a dedicated living space, often in a shared community with different apartments or rooms, and it has integrated mental health services to provide ongoing care. 

Most sober living facilities don’t allow freedom or integration, with options to live with direct family members if necessary. Supportive housing can provide these services.

Additionally, halfway houses or sober living facilities offer weekly group therapy, which is mandatory. Not attending the meetings can result in getting kicked out of the housing. 

Supportive housing does not make specific treatment mandatory; however, professional care teams offer a range of services on-site and regularly check on each tenant and their mental health.

Neither halfway houses nor supportive housing options specialize in offering a location near public transportation and amenities like grocery stores, while supportive housing does. However, here is what you can expect from supportive housing in Chattanooga, TN.

Supportive Housing at Time Wellness Tennessee

What to Expect from Supportive Housing in Chattanooga at Time Wellness

Supportive housing offers you a safe & structured environment where you can focus on healing from mental health conditions surrounded by support and community.

There are many features you can find in mental health housing, such as:

In many places, supportive housing for mental health is more affordable than standard rent. Typically, residents can expect to pay a weekly flat rate or sliding scale fee depending on their individual needs. Time Wellness Tennessee supportive housing in Chattanooga works with residents to determine the best option for each situation.

Support Services

Residents have the same responsibilities and legal rights as any other tenancy. Moreover, 

mental health housing in Chattanooga, TN provides several support services to residents:

  • Some facilities offer services that help tenants find more stable, permanent housing while teaching them about their responsibilities and rights as tenants.
  • Some mental health housing like Time Wellness provides clinical care for mental health conditions through outpatient treatment programs.
  • Mental health-supportive living homes can also provide accountability and community support through group activities, medication management, mentoring, and case management services.

Supportive housing for mental health in Chattanooga does away with some barriers to entry typically associated with housing, such as bad credit. Instead, a screening process or mental health treatment is usually required.

Family Support & Integration

Supportive housing may provide integration with families or the community. The integration can include options to live alone or with loved ones. Plus, access to public transportation, parks, and shopping.

Freedom & Flexibility

Supportive housing in Chattanooga allows residents to choose the housing options they want, the services they use, their schedules, and their visitors. Service providers work with residents to set goals and collaboratively decide on services.

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Healing Paths Available

Outpatient Mental Health in Chattanooga, TN
supportive housing in Chattanooga, TN
Supportive Housing in Chattanooga, TN
Experiential Therapy in Chattanooga, TN 

Residential Mental Health in Taft, TN
How Supportive Housing Can Help

Why is Supportive Housing Important to the Treatment Process?

Supportive housing, also known as transitional living homes, provides residents with a safe and supportive living environment with constant access to clinical and peer support.

Supportive housing in Chattanooga, TN makes it possible for people in need to remain safely in their community and improve physical and mental health. Safety is crucial for young adults and teenagers who have struggled with foster care, homelessness, and mental health issues. These backgrounds have left core groups of individuals in separate group homes, apart from the community. Still, mental health housing in Chattanooga can better integrate those same individuals into a stable, supportive community.

Seventy-five percent of people who are homeless or have been homeless for long periods have a mental health disorder. Those individuals cannot get mental or physical health treatment except for emergencies. They also struggle with high rates of substance abuse and incarceration. 

Supportive housing for mental health allows those individuals to find affordable housing that provides mental health services on-site with access to ongoing mental and physical care. Studies have found that of those who entered supportive housing, at least half remained for five years and showed significant improvement.

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Who Needs Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing in Chattanooga, TN is available for anyone who needs it.

  • Supportive housing for mental health can provide safe, stable housing options while participating in outpatient care if you or someone you love is struggling with homelessness and mental health disorders.
  • If you are considering inpatient mental health treatment but are insecure about your housing if you attend, mental health housing in Chattanooga, TN can provide options when you leave.
  • If you want to participate in outpatient care, but your current environment is not supportive or stable, mental health housing can give you the security you require while letting you focus on your mental health.

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Structured Transitional Living in Chattanooga, TN

Our supportive housing options in Chattanooga, TN are here to help you thrive.

Our supportive housing options in Chattanooga, TN, are here to help you thrive.

When you reach out to Time Wellness, we can provide an assessment and personal recommendation for treatment services, including options for supportive housing for mental health.

We care deeply about each of our clients and want to ensure they have what they need to get successful treatment. Reach out today to find out if supportive housing is a good option for your situation.

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