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In 2021, an estimated 57.8 million adults age 18 or older had a mental health disorder in the United States ranging from mild to severe, according to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). At Time Wellness, we understand that mental health treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer various levels of care, each designed to meet the unique needs of our clients at different stages of their healing journey. One of our most effective treatment programs is the intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Chattanooga, TN.

This program is intended for individuals who do not require 24-hour supervision but still need a structured and comprehensive treatment approach. Our IOP in Chattanooga, Tennessee, provides clients with the flexibility to continue with their everyday lives while participating in a robust program that includes individual therapy, group sessions, and family involvement. 

peer support group during IOP in Chattanooga, TN
Mental Health IOP in Chattanooga, TN

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for Mental Health

It can be challenging to complete daily tasks when struggling with a mental health disorder.

While some people downplay symptoms of depression or anxiety, mental health disorders can be crippling and interfere with relationships, work, or school. The Time Wellness intensive outpatient program (IOP) offers an organized yet flexible therapeutic solution for individuals facing mental health challenges.

IOP programs are designed for those who have a solid support system at home. And also the capability to manage daily responsibilities during treatment. Within the IOP framework, participants engage in multiple weekly therapy sessions. Moreover, a distinctive benefit of our IOP in Chattanooga, TN lies in our holistic approach to mental wellness.

We realize the multifaceted nature of mental health. Therefore, our treatment programs integrate a range of therapeutic techniques that address the relationship between mind and body. Accordingly, this approach incorporates cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness practices, stress management strategies, and lifestyle counseling.

What is a Mental Health IOP?

A mental health IOP program is one of Time Wellness Tennessee’ levels of care that provides individuals with intensive therapeutic mental health support and services.  Clients can go to their homes or another stable environment between sessions. An IOP is appropriate for individuals who need more support than traditional outpatient therapy and is a viable alternative to residential treatment. 

Studies have found that IOP mental health treatment is an essential part of the continuum of care for mental health disorders and is just as effective as inpatient treatment for most people. Additionally, IOPs are often used as a transition step for individuals leaving residential inpatient treatment. They offer a middle ground between higher levels of care and independent living.

  • Intensive outpatient programs provide a minimum of nine hours of services each week, often spread across three days, with three-hour sessions each day.

  • These services are provided in outpatient settings, so the treatment program often continues for a longer period than a residential program.

  • Services take place at an IOP mental health center in Chattanooga.

Our IOP in Chattanooga, TN lets clients remain at home, which reduces the cost of care and enables them to recover in a more familiar setting. This can be an ideal alternative to inpatient care for those who have commitments to family, work, or school and have supportive home environments that encourage positive mental health.

Note: Some centers have more sessions each week or longer sessions. Others create programs with intensity decreasing as the program progresses.

Call Time Wellness to learn more about program specifics.

Preparing for Mental Health Treatment

What to Expect at Our IOP in Chattanooga, TN

At Time Wellness Tennessee’ IOP in Chattanooga, clients experience a 360-degree approach to mental health treatment in a caring and supportive environment.

With Time Wellness, clients have more flexibility in their treatment plans. Thus, meeting times take place primarily in the mornings or the evenings. Time Wellness offers many treatment programs, and intensive outpatient programs are just one of them. If individuals are still determining which type of mental health treatment is right for them, we can help. No matter the mental health disorder, there is a level of care to meet the need. Participating in our comprehensive IOP in Chattanooga provides the following:

  • Flexibility for responsibilities
  • Remain close to home while getting help
  • Access to high-quality services including medical care
  • Group support & community
  • Reduced costs when compared to inpatient
  • Accountability and structure

Clients participate in individual and group therapy during their sessions. Most of their time is dedicated to group therapy sessions and holistic treatment services. 


IOP begins with an assessment. When individuals reach out to us, our team puts together an individualized recommendation that meets their mental health goals. Most IOPs meet between three and five days per week, for three hours per day. We make adjustments to the amount of time clients receive treatment based on their needs and personal progress.


When clients start treatment, they’ll divide their time between a variety of therapy sessions. There is time allocated every week for individual and group therapy led by licensed therapists and professionals. In addition to things like medication management, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy, we provide services such as:

  • Yoga and mindfulness
  • Music and art therapy
  • Red light therapy
  • Brain mapping
  • Life skills
  • Outdoor activities
meditation class during IOP in Chattanooga, TN

What each client receives during treatment will be specific to their strengths, weaknesses, and goals for their mental health. They’ll work with a team who monitors their progress and provides recommendations for increased services, additional holistic modalities, or decreased levels of care.

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Knowing When It’s Time to Get Help

How to Know if IOP is Right for Me?

Our mental health intensive outpatient program in Chattanooga is here to help those who need flexibility and stability while seeking treatment for mental health.

client during group session at IOP program in Chattanooga, TN

Our individualized, whole-person approach gives our clients the tools to recover from mental health disorders. IOP programs are often as effective as inpatient treatment programs for most people.

Some reasons an IOP may be recommended include:

  • The need to avoid a higher level of care or 24-hour supervision
  • Decrease the risk of further deterioration in mental health
  • Transition out of inpatient treatment
  • Re-stabilization of chronic mental health disorders
  • To develop coping strategies

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), people who may benefit from mental health IOP include those who are:

  • Able to verbally express their thoughts and feelings
  • Motivated to participate in the program
  • Motivated to work toward recovery
  • Comfortable in group therapy settings
  • Able to learn and apply skills learned in therapy
  • Not in need of 24-hour supervision for their condition
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Mental Health Treatment

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Treatment Options

What Does an IOP Treat?

Any mental health disorder can be treated at an IOP. How engaged individuals are during their treatment as well as how much they continue treatment after their program determines the long-term impact of an IOP.

Mental health disorders commonly treated at our IOP in Chattanooga, TN, include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • PTSD
  • Personality Disorders
  • Psychosis
  • Co-Occurring Disorders

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Mood Disorders

What We Treat

Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Dysthymia

Anxiety Disorders

What We Treat

Panic Disorder, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive

Thought Disorders

What We Treat
Schizophrenia, Perseveration, Blocking
co-occurring disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders

What We Treat
Sex & Love, Gambling, Shopping
How We Can Help

The Benefits of Our IOP in Chattanooga

Participating in an intensive outpatient program brings with it a multitude of benefits.

Time Wellness Tennessee IOP is designed to help individuals manage their mental health symptoms, develop coping skills, build support networks, and work toward achieving greater stability and well-being in their everyday lives. Also, an IOP plays a crucial role in the continuum of mental health care. Thus, providing a level of support that is more intensive than traditional outpatient therapy while still offering the flexibility needed to maintain other life commitments.

Skill Building

Participants in our IOP learn coping mechanisms, stress management techniques, communication skills, and strategies for managing symptoms related to their mental health disorders. These skills help them navigate daily challenges and promote long-term recovery.

Peer Support

Group therapy sessions within an IOP provide a supportive environment where participants can share their experiences, learn from others, and gain a sense of belonging. Peer support can reduce feelings of isolation and provide valuable insights.

Flexible Schedule

One of the distinguishing features of an IOP is its flexibility. Participants can attend therapy sessions during the day or evening, making it easier to accommodate work, school, or family commitments.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Each participant receives a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs and goals. This individualized approach ensures that the treatment addresses the unique challenges and strengths of each individual.

Comprehensive Care

Time Wellness IOP offers a holistic approach to treatment. Thereby, addressing various aspects of mental health such as emotional, psychological, and behavioral factors. This may include individual therapy to explore personal issues, group therapy to develop coping skills and build support networks, and psychoeducation to enhance understanding of mental health conditions.

Intensive Treatment

An IOP involves multiple therapy sessions per week, typically ranging from three to five sessions. These sessions can include individual therapy, group therapy, psychoeducation, and various therapeutic activities.

Aftercare Planning

Our IOP emphasizes creating a strong aftercare plan to support individuals as they transition out of the program. This plan may include ongoing outpatient therapy, participation in support groups, supportive housing, and connections to community resources.

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client during individual therapy at IOP in Chattanooga, TN
We Treat the Individual not the Condition

Begin the Journey of Healing and Renewal

Find balance in your life with our mental health intensive outpatient program in Chattanooga.

Time Wellness is committed to delivering high-quality, evidence-based mental health care that empowers individuals to lead fulfilling lives. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to guide you every step of the way on your journey toward wellness. At Time Wellness, we believe in the power of resilient spirits and the potential for new beginnings.

Contact us at Time Wellness today to learn more about our mental health IOP in Chattanooga, TN.

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