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About Personality Disorders

Personality Disorder in Tennessee

Personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga, TN can help those who are struggling to regain control and begin feeling better and living a better life. These conditions alter a person’s ability to think and act normally, affecting their overall well-being and relationships with others. Proper care and treatment can help a person to begin living a normal life with healthy thinking and relationships.

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What Is A Personality Disorder?

Personality disorders are a class of mental health conditions that are characterized by unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns, as well as unhealthy patterns of relating to others. Personality disorders hinder daily functionality and interpersonal relationships. Borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder are examples of different personality disorders. Personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga, TN often involves therapy and support in order to help the individual begin healing. 

Personality disorders generally develop in adolescence or early adulthood and can be caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and developmental factors. Personality disorders skew a person’s self-perception, as well as their perception of others. They also affect emotional regulation, impulse control, and the ability to build and maintain healthy relationships. 

Personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga, TN usually consists of a combination of therapies as well as medications in order to be able to teach the individual new and healthy ways of coping and acting. These new skills can help them learn to build healthy relationships and help make their perceptions less skewed.

Signs And Symptoms of Personality Disorder

Time Wellness Tennessee Personality Disorder Treatment in Chattanooga.

Varying by each type of personality disorder, the signs and symptoms of personality disorders that are generally seen across the different types can include:

  • Difficulty building and maintaining relationships: Those with personality disorders often have struggled with building and maintaining healthy relationships. They may have very unstable relationships that result in extreme idealization, fear of abandonment or avoidance of intimacy.
  • Self-control issues: Individuals struggling with personality disorders often engage in risky behaviors, have difficulty controlling their impulses, and engage in substance abuse, and self-harm. They often also struggle with suicidal ideations.
  • Emotional instability: Characterized by frequent and extreme mood swings, impulsivity, and angry outbursts, a personality disorder can lead to problems managing emotions, and conflict within interpersonal relationships. 
  • Difficulties with boundaries: May struggle with personal boundaries, disregarding the boundaries of others, and may struggle with a sense of entitlement. 
  • Feelings of emptiness: A person struggling with personality disorders may often feel empty or useless. Feelings of lack of purpose are common signs of a personality disorder. 

It is important to note that these signs and symptoms of personality disorders can vary from person to person in exhibition and intensity. This can be due to the person, or the disorder. A thorough mental health assessment can help to identify a specific disorder or disorder someone may be struggling with. Personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga can help with completing an assessment and being able to identify the disorder as well as coming up with a course of action for treatment.

Effects of Personality Disorder

Personality disorders have significant impacts on a person’s life. If left untreated, personality disorders can lead to trouble performing at work and school, trouble establishing an independent lifestyle, loss of jobs or academic successes, and ongoing financial stress. They can also affect a person’s interpersonal relationships, making it difficult to build and maintain healthy relationships due to some of the symptoms associated with personality disorders. They can also lead to poor emotional well-being.

Those with personality disorders often experience extreme emotional distress, mood swings, and a sense of emptiness or dissatisfaction. Personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga, TN can help to change these negative thought processes making the overall well-being of an individual better and healthier.

Time Wellness Treatment

Benefits of Treatment for Personality Disorders

Personality Disorder Treatment in Chattanooga can help provide the relief you have been searching for.

The first step for an individual is to accept that they need help. Left untreated, personality disorders can wreak havoc in the life of the individual who is struggling. Proper personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga, TN can help to begin the healing process. It may feel overwhelming at first, but the best thing a person can do in order to begin living a better life is to receive proper care as they begin to work through the things leading to these personality disorders. Improving personal relationships, improving self-image, enhancing emotional regulation, and better coping skills are all benefits of receiving personality disorder treatment.

People enjoying personality disorder treatment through Time Wellness Tennessee.


Therapies used in personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga are designed to help change skewed ways of thinking and behaving. Group therapy is common to help build relationships and help to identify negative thought processes when it comes to others. There are also individual therapies that are used. These can include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). 

CBT is used to help identify negative ways of thinking and behaving and works to change them from negative to positive. This helps to create healthier coping skills and more adaptive beliefs. DBT is mainly used in Borderline Personality Disorder. It is used to help build healthy emotional responses. DBT helps individuals who feel emotions intensely. It helps build emotional regulation, distress tolerance, and mindfulness. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) can also be used in order to help create and initiate a motivation to change unhealthy ways of thinking and behaving.

All of these therapies can be beneficial. Receiving proper care can help to make the lives of individuals struggling with personality disorders better. Personality disorder treatment in Chattanooga can help begin this process.

Healing From Personality Disorder Begins Here

Compassionate Personality Disorder Treatment in Chattanooga

Our caring and compassionate team is here to help.

Those who struggle with personality disorders can attest to how difficult they can be. Personality disorders can make life extremely difficult for the individual suffering with them, and they can also affect the loved ones of the person who is struggling. If you or a loved one are suffering with a personality disorder, we at Time Wellness can help. We strive to provide a safe and healing environment where a person can begin living life normally again. Call us today and start healing your life to begin feeling better.

Our professionals are here for you every step of the way as you begin your own story toward better mental health. Contact us today to start your treatment.

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